Introducing the Sprout®EYELINER

Plant a Green Mindset with the World’s First Plantable Eyeliner

Watch it grow into wildflowers

The Sprout Eyeliner is a grower, not a thrower! When only the stub of the liner is left, instead of putting it in the trash, plant it, so it grows into beautiful bee-friendly wildflowers. Whether you’ve got a garden, or a window-box, bees and insects will be delighted you’re creating a natural habitat for them to enjoy.
1. Use Sprout eyeliner 2. Plant it, add sunlight & water 3. Wildflowers will sprout within 7-12 days

An eyeliner that makes you look good

Looking good starts with high-quality makeup – it also helps if the makeup is made from only natural ingredients. We’re thrilled to tell you that the Sprout Eyeliner ticks both these boxes and many more. We’ve chosen the highest quality natural ingredients to create a color-intense eyeliner. Accurate lines or prefer to blend? The rich and creamy consistency of the Sprout Eyeliner allows you to create your perfect look.

...and feel great!

Feel blooming amazing knowing that your eyeliner is helping to giving new life to a product that would normally be thrown in the trash. The Sprout Eyeliner is sustainable, developed without microplastics and is allergy friendly, meaning it’s kind to you and our awesome planet. Now that’s something to feel great about!
Vegan formula
Made from natural ingredients
Has a second life - it can grow into wildflowers
High quality

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