Plant a Tree Edition

Let's give back to the planet with a plantable tree pencil

Welcoming the only Sprout pencil that can grow into a tree! The Plant a Tree Edition is the perfect addition to the plantable pencil family. The 5 graphite pencils each have a special tree quote color printed on them.

Why the world needs Plant a Tree pencils

Trees are totally amazing; they release oxygen that sustains all life, they stabilize the soil and provide shelter and food for a huge array of insects, animals and birds. Most importantly, trees absorb carbon dioxide which helps to keep the earth cool.
Each year around 15.3 trillion trees are cut down - that’s an unimaginable figure. The removal of trees puts the future of the planet in danger. But, by choosing the Plant a Tree Sprout pencil and planting it after it’s no longer usable, you’re giving life back to the planet a small bit at a time. Plus, they’re really fun to write, doodle or draw with.

There’s something special about Spruce trees

With thousands of tree varieties, choosing the right tree for the Plant a Tree Edition wasn’t easy. We wanted a tree that was easy to grow in all climates. Plus, the tree seed had to fit into the seed capsule. After lots of research, discussions and testing, we decided on the Spruce tree.
Native to the Northern hemisphere, the Spruce tree is part of the evergreen pine family. Spruce trees are more widely associated with being Christmas trees, and as their needles don’t shed, you can enjoy the scent of Christmas all year round.

Leave a positive long-lasting legacy with the Plant a Tree Edition

Why not create your own forest oasis with the Plant a Tree Edition? Each pack includes 5 graphite pencils that are made from sustainably certified wood and contains a writing material that’s made from non-toxic graphite. Each pencil has a special tree quote carefully color printed on it, that acts as a reminder how amazing trees are.
The Spruce seed is housed in the plant-based material seed capsule that’s found on the end of the plantable Sprout pencil. When the pencil is too short to use, plant it and watch the Spruce seed sprout into life in as little as 2-3 weeks.
Spruce trees are very fast growers - growing as much as 6 to 11 inches each season. Plus, they’re incredibly strong - the average life of a Spruce is around 180-200 years. So by swapping plastic pens for the Plant a Tree pencil you’re cutting back on plastic waste and leaving a special legacy of a Spruce tree that can be enjoyed by your family for years (possibly hundreds) to come.

Treat yourself or gift to someone special

Shop the Plant a Tree Edition on the webshop and enjoy writing, drawing or doodling with your pencil and then plant it to grow into a Spruce tree once the pencil is too short to use. Purchase a pack (or two!) of the Plant a Tree Edition pencils and use as gifts for family and friends, or to keep for yourself. We can’t blame you for not wanting to part with them, we love them too!