Personalize Sprout Pencils

Bring any occasion to life with personalized Sprout pencils

The eco-conscious steps you’re already taking every day are making a difference – which is amazing. Why not go a little further and use personalized pencils as business cards or as wedding accessories to highlight the great work, you’re doing in helping to grow a greener future?
See your message printed in stylish print onto graphite Sprout pencils. Pick from 20 font styluses, a wide range of colors and icons for a look that complements your business or your wedding theme. And there’s a choice of seeds to choose from:
  • Basil
  • Sunflower
  • Forget me not
  • Cherry tomato
Be a messenger for green change with personalized Sprout pencils.

Use and plant now for a greener future

Plantable Sprout pencils are made from certified wood, plastic free and sustainable. That’s not all though! Sprout pencils have a second life. When only the stub of the pencil remains, the green seed capsule can be planted so the seeds inside can sprout into flowers, herbs and vegetables.
Plantable Sprout pencils aren’t just nice things to hand out at business meetings or conferences or to use at your wedding, they’re pencils with a purpose; they can be used as a messenger for green change. Each time a personalized plantable pencil is picked up and used, it acts as a reminder that a greener and better future can be achieved by making small changes in our daily lives or habits.

Bring your personalized pencil to life

Personalizing plantable Sprout pencils is easy. See for yourself:
  • Choose your seed type from basil, sunflower, forget me not and cherry tomato
  • Select your quantity – 10 to 400 pencils
  • Click the ‘Personalize’ button
  • Select ‘Text’ and type your message into the text box
  • Choose your preferred font - you’ve got 20 to choose from as well as a wide range of colors and icons
  • Place the text box onto the pencil - ensuring it’s within the text area
  • Once you’re happy with how it looks, click ‘Add to cart’ 

Spread your message far and wide

For companies or organizations who want to spread their green message even further, we can customize plantable Sprout pencils with your logo and message. The minimum order is 500 pencils.