Plantable Wedding Favors

Why not use a sustainable messenger to sow the seeds of love at your wedding?

You’re probably already looking at ways to reduce the amount of plastic at your wedding. Invites, favors and thank you gifts that contain plastic aren’t fantastic, but ones that flourish new life are.
Sprout pencils have a second life. When they’re too short to use, they can be planted to grow into fragrant flowers, fresh herbs and tasty vegetables. Plantable Sprout pencils are a symbol of longevity and love, making them the perfect addition to your wedding.

Personalize pencils for your wedding

Personalized plantable Sprout pencils that feature a personal message, a special quote or your wedding details are a symbol of a new beginning and a brighter future.  
See your message printed in stylish print onto graphite Sprout pencils. Pick from 20 font styles, a wide range of colors and icons for a look that complements your wedding. And there’s a choice of seeds to choose from;
- Basil
- Sunflower
- Forget me not
- Cherry tomato
Writes with a mix of clay and graphite
Made from sustainable certified wood
Dissolvable capsule with seeds
Place an order between 25 to 400 pencils and wow your wedding guests with pencils that help grow a green mindset.
Use personalized plantable Sprout pencils as save the date reminders, wedding invites, favors and thank you gifts, and sow the seeds of love for each other and planet Earth.