Green wedding accessories that grow with love

It’s the small things that give a wedding the ‘wow’ factor. Excitement builds before the big day with the arrival of the wedding invite. The theme for the wedding is brought to life with decorations and favors (small gifts that are handed out by the married couple to their guests). And, of course, you’ll will want to ‘Thank’ your guests for helping to sow the seeds of love on your special day.
You’re probably already looking for ways to make your wedding eco-conscious, so why not include accessories which help to spread a sustainable message?
Instead of using single-use accessories, give your guests personalized plantable Sprout pencils that can grow into flowers, herbs and vegetables when planted, and help green ideas take root on your special day.

Wedding accessories with a second life

Plantable Sprout pencils stand for hope and new beginnings, making them the ideal sustainable accessory for your wedding.
See your message printed in stylish print onto graphite Sprout pencils. Pick from 20 font styluses, a wide range of colors and icons for a look that complements your wedding. And there’s a choice of seeds to choose from:
- Basil
- Sunflower
- Forget me not
- Cherry tomato
Order between 10 to 400 plantable personalized pencils as wedding day accessories and use your love as a channel to spread a green message.
Writes with a mix of clay and graphite
Made from sustainable certified wood
Dissolvable capsule with seeds