The only business card that sprouts a green message

Being green will get your business seen

Plantable pencil business cards have a real purpose; they’re an excellent sustainable promoter of your business, and they help spread a green message. The next time you’re at a meeting or conference, surprise people with a pencil business card that can be planted to sprout into herbs, flowers and vegetables.
Sprout plantable pencil business cards, stop people in their tracks, make them notice your business, and importantly get them thinking about what small steps they can take to more eco-conscious.

Spread a green message and inspire green change

The things you’re doing already in your business to be eco-conscious are fantastic. Why not swap traditional business cards for plantable pencil business cards and inspire your colleagues, partners and customers to think more sustainably. In doing so, your business will stand out as being a supporter of sustainability.
See your message printed in print onto graphite Sprout pencils. Pick from 20 font styles, a wide range of colors and icons for a look that complements your business. And there’s a choice of seeds to choose from;
- Basil
- Sunflower
- Forget me not
- Cherry tomato
Writes with a mix of clay and graphite
Made from sustainable certified wood
Dissolvable capsule with seeds
Place on order for between 10 to 400 pencils and help to grow a green mindset with pencils that give back to nature.
Plantable Sprout pencils personalized with your message or quote make your business stand out for being green-minded. Hand out your pencils at business meetings, networking events and small conferences and watch your business grow with the new relationships you’ll make.
What are you waiting for? Order your pencil business cards now.