If you have any questions regarding our webshop, you are always welcome to contact us.

We ship to all EU countries. Countries outside of the EU can buy our products on Amazon.  

Depending on your location, the delivery time for your order is 1-6 days.  

Once your order has been shipped, you’ll receive a confirmation containing a tracking link. You’ll also receive a separate SMS or email from the courier with your expected delivery date/time. At this stage you can choose to have your package delivered to a parcelshop.  

Yes, once the package is shipped you can choose to have it left at a parcelshop.  

Yes, we deliver our products in carton boxes from FSC certified manufacturers. Also, the tape is made of paper instead of plastic

Sprout Europe ApS offers a 14 days full refund on goods purchased on the website. If you wish to return your order, you must inform us no later than 14 days after delivery. Please send an e-mail to sprout@sproutworld.com and we will provide you with instructions

Yes, you have option to customize Sprout pencils on orders from 25 up to 400 pencils. Your message will be printed onto quality, eco-friendly graphite pencils.

Businesses have the option of customizing the plantable Sprout pencil. The minimum order is 500 pieces. Visit our official website for more information.

As you know, the Sprout pencil is a 100% natural product. We make our pencils out of different wood types, which can vary in color, but because it’s a natural product, even when using the same wood type different trees may vary in tone.

We use only certified wood which means that it comes from sustainably harvested forests. Every time a tree is cut down, a new tree is planted.
Though the wood tones or colors may vary from order to order, we assure you that the quality is always the same.

All Sprout pencils are non-toxic, biodegradable and are produced using sustainably harvested wood. The capsule is made from cellulose which is a plant-based material. The capsule contains a bit of wood flour and non-GMO seeds and is completely harmless if ingested – although it won’t taste great!  

The product is EN71-3 approved. EN-71 is a safety standard certificate approving that the Sprout pencil is safe and harmless for children. We do recommend to keep pencils away from children 0-3 years old. For more information regarding our product and certificates, please visit our website.

The Sprout patent is your guarantee that when you buy an original Sprout plantable pencil your pencil meets the highest standards of quality and is non-toxic and sustainably sourced and produced.

The Sprout original patented plantable pencil is a patented product under e.g. US patent no. 9,643,447 and EP patent no. EP2885136. The Sprout pencil is patent granted or patent pending in all major regions and countries including but not limited to USA, Canada, Europe, Turkey, China, Japan, Australia, South Korea etc.

Design, functionality as well as technology is patent protected. The patents cover all writing instruments you can plant including but not limited to pencils, ballpens, makeup and brushes. SproutTM is a protected trademark.

Yes, you can plant your pencils all year around. They usually require sunlight, so we suggest that you place your pots by a window. How quick your plant will germinate depends on the variety of plant. You can download our plant info sheet for more specific details.

We have a production site in Poland in Europe close to our fulfillent center to minimize transportation.

Our pencils are assembled by hand. 3-10 non-GMO and non-toxic seeds from Europe and wood flour is added to the capsules. They are then attached to the pencils with gelatine. Afterwards the pencils are engraved with either laser or color print.

If you have any questions regarding our webshop, you are always welcome to contact us at sprout@sproutworld.com