Customize Sprout Pencils

See your message in print on plantable pencils

Are you bored of ordinary, everyday gifts? Are you looking for something that will make your guests go ‘wow’? Or do you want a unique, eco-friendly way to promote your small business? Then, look no further, as customized plantable pencils which are printed with your personal message tick all the boxes!

Start designing your message

Customizable Sprout pencils wedding

Customize options for creative minds

Customized plantable Sprout pencils make perfect gifts to give to guests at weddings, baby showers, baptisms and other special occasions. And by swapping standard business cards for customized plantable pencils you’ll create a memorable, lasting impression of your small business during meetings.

The option to customize Sprout pencils is available on orders from 25 up to 400 pencils. Your message will be printed onto quality, eco-friendly graphite pencils in stylish black print for a chic look. 

It’s time to get creative. Choose from these options to create your customized pencils:

  • 4 seed types: basil, sunflower, forget-me-not and spruce
  • 20 different font types
  • Highlight your text in bold or italic!

Customizable Sprout pencils birthday

Ideas on how to use customized plantable pencils

The options are endless on how to use customized Sprout pencils. But, if you do need some inspiration, here are 4 ideas to get you started:

  • Print pencils with your names and the date of your wedding and gift as wedding favors
  • Print the child’s name and date of baptism to create a unique gift for baptism guests
  • Create a personalized ‘Thank You’ gift for guests at a baby shower
  • Print your business’ name or web address onto the pencil to giveaway at networking events

Customized plantable pencils really are the ‘gift that keeps on giving’. When the pencil is too short to use, plant it so sprouts into herbs, flowers or a spruce tree. Choose to print your message onto a Sprout pencil and leave a joyful, lasting memory of your event or meeting!

Customizable Sprout pencils business

How to customize

Don’t worry, you don’t have to have fantastic design skills to create your customized pencils. Our system is incredibly easy to use:

  1. Choose your seed type
  2. Select your quantity – 25 to 400 pencils
  3. Click the ‘Customize’ button
  4. Select ‘Text’ and type your message into the text box
  5. Choose your preferred font - you’ve got 20 to choose from
  6. Place the text box onto the pencil - ensuring it’s within the text area
  7. Once you’re happy with how it looks, click ‘Add to cart’ 

Customize plantable pencils

The ideal promotional gift

For companies or organizations with a passion for sustainability we offer the option to customize plantable pencils making them the ideal promotional gift item. Our Sprout pencils are made from sustainably harvested wood and can be engraved or color printed with text and logo. Minimum order is 500 pencils.

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