About Sprout
Our Mission

Championing green change is our mission, but we know that achieving this isn’t always easy. We believe that by taking small steps using simple innovative solutions like the plantable Sprout pencil, positive change is possible.  

So, it’s easy for everyone to enjoy the plantable Sprout pencil we’ve launched our own webshop. For individuals and organizations in the EU that are looking for a gift that promotes a green mindset, you’ve landed on the right site. 

By striping back our packaging, using paper tape and partnering with a fulfillment center close to our production site in Europe, we’re excited to say that from production, packaging to planting the plantable Sprout pencil is plastic-free.  

Since our launch in 2013, millions of people have enjoyed receiving plantable Sprout pencils as gifts. Next time you’re looking for a green gift for a friend or loved one or to use as a corporate gift, choose the plantable Sprout pencil and ‘Let’s make the world Sprout’.