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All your favorite plantable pencils in one place

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to plastic pens or a memorable gift for friends and family, plantable Sprout pencils will bring a smile when people realize these pencils grow into plants.  

Our seed pencils are made from sustainably harvested wood, which means that every time a tree is felled another one is planted in its place. The magic seed capsule at the end of each pencil is made from a plant-based material, and the seeds inside are non-GMO. And, talking about seeds - 11 different seeds are used in plantable pencils, including basil, thyme, chia, sunflower and our first tree seed, the spruce. Sprout pencils are the ultimate eco pencils.  

We have a pencil for every occasion: If you’re a teacher and are wanting to teach your pupils about sustainability, our Teacher’s Edition with 32 graphite pencils is a fun way to show that caring for our planet matters. If you want to treat your loved ones on their birthday or anniversary our Spread the Love Edition with five graphite pencils with inspirational quotes engraved on each pencil makes a perfect green gift.  

If you’re simply tired of using plastic pens that end up in landfills, by making the swap to eco-pencils you’re reducing your plastic waste and growing new life at the same time. That’s so amazing!  

Our pencils are the original plantable pencils and are patented. This guarantees their quality and proves they’re sustainable.