NEW: Plantable Makeup Liners

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Be a role model for green change

The Sprout makeup liner is a grower, not a thrower! When only the stub of the liner is left, instead of putting it in the trash, plant it, so it grows into beautiful bee-friendly wildflowers.

Ready to get back to business?

Then step into networking events, business meetings or conferences with personalized pencil business cards – because traditional cards are boring, right?

Be a conversation starter and create a pencil business card that reflects your style.

Green Messengers

Plant a green mindset with plantable green messengers from Sprout. From pencils with basil seeds to plantable eyeliners, these will surely help spread the green message.

How Sprout Pencils Work


Use your pencil until it's too short to write with.


Plant your pencil in a pot and keep the soil moist.


In 1-4 weeks, fresh plants will sprout.