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Wedding accessories with a second life

The World’s First Plantable Eyeliner

Plant Memories

Your big day is on its way, and you’re probably already looking at ways to make your wedding spectacular, unique and sustainable.

Personalized Sprout pencils that feature your message, expertly printed in ink, make wonderful save the date reminders, wedding invites and place settings.

Green Messengers

Plant a green mindset with plantable green messengers from Sprout. From pencils with basil seeds to plantable eyeliners, these will surely help spread the green message.
The World's First Plantable Eyeliner

Taking the idea behind the patented plantable Sprout pencil, we now introduce the world's first plantable patended eyeliner!

With the new eyeliner we now offer conscious cosmetics with a second life. Our wish is less plastic, less throwaway elements, and a greener and future-proof world for generations to come.

How Sprout Pencils Work


Use your pencil until it's too short to write with.


Plant your pencil in a pot and keep the soil moist.


In 1-4 weeks, fresh plants will sprout.