Why plantable pencils?


Plantable Sprout pencils are plastic-free and 100% sustainable. The seed capsule is made from cellulose, a plant-based material that contains non-GMO seeds. The writing material is a mix of clay and graphite and the pencil is made from sustainably harvested wood. All our pencils are EN71-3 certified. 


The gift that gives back: Bring a smile once people realize the pencil can grow into a plant. People of all ages will love receiving a plantable Sprout pencil and they make perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other special occasions.  


The perfect gift you’ll never forget: plantable Sprout pencils bring joy and grow a green mindset long after the pencil is usable. Other pencils are thrown out after use but the plantable Sprout pencil is unique as it grows into luscious flowers, tasty herbs and fresh vegetables when planted.  

Who are we?

Sprout is a company that cares about the planet by minimizing waste and developing sprouting products with a second purpose.

We believe that small steps can make a difference. If you can plant a pencil stub, what else can you do to recycle more? It is our hope to inspire everyone to live a life with awareness of the environment and its future.

Basically, we are passionate about turning pencil stubs into plants.

Making unboxing unsexy

We don’t do sexy packaging. In fact, you can describe our boxes as being unsexy. When you buy direct from us through our webshop we ship your plantable pencils from our fulfilment center in Europe that’s close to our production site using in FSC certified cardboxes and paper tape.

We put the environment and ethics over aesthetics; from production and packaging to planting the Sprout pencil is plastic-free.

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