Plant a Green Mindset

Plantable Pencils

Plants from pencils? That's right! Once you've finished with your Sprout pencil, plant it and watch it grow into herbs, flowers, vegetables or even spruce trees.
The 2021 Way

Make notes the eco-friendly way with plantable pencils. That's right. Once your pencil is too short to write with, instead of throwing it out, you can plant it and watch it grow into something special like delightful daisies or tasty basil. 

Sprout pencils are made from sustainably harvested wood, which means that every time a tree is felled, another one is planted in its place. The seed capsule at the end of each pencil is made from a plant-based material, and the seeds inside are non-GMO. That's how note-taking is done in 2021!

Customized Pencils

Our customized plantable pencils make perfect gifts to give to guests at weddings, baby showers, baptisms and other special occasions.

Now available on orders from 25 up to 400 pencils, your personal message will be printed onto quality, eco-friendly graphite pencils in stylish black print. With 4 seeds and 20 different font types to choose from the possibilities are endness.

How Sprout Pencils Work


Use your pencil until it's too short to write with.


Plant your pencil in a pot and keep the soil moist.


In 1-4 weeks, fresh plants will sprout.

Eco-friendly Packaging

When you buy direct from us through our webshop we ship your plantable pencils from our fulfilment center in Europe that’s close to our production site using in FSC certified cardboxes and paper tape.

We put the environment and ethics over aesthetics; from production and packaging to planting the Sprout pencil is plastic-free.